January 9, 2020                                  PORT WING TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Gary Williams, second by Ken Bodeen.   Motion was made by Gary to accept the Treasurer’s report, second by Ken.

Citizen’s Input –  Sharon Graham reported on the Planning Commission Meeting. They plan on meeting once a month for a year.  She requested to make the group official per State Statutes.  The group wants to send out a survey but will need money for supplies and postage. Russell Bailey stated that the town wants the commission just to gather information and report back to the board.  Marge Ogren will check with the Wisconsin Towns Association to research the legal ramifications of creating an “official” group and report back to the board.  The group plans to meet again on January 21st.

Joe Palen’s Houseboat has been removed from the Marina Dock.  One pontoon is left but it is out of the way.  It needs to be removed in the spring. Two barricades were left at the dock on picnic tables – Troy took back to garage.


Michelle Wheeler from the DNR mentioned that the DNR is interested in purchasing the 10 acre site where the sewer project is.  They are also interested in 40 acres near the lake/quarry.  Russell stated that this needs be addressed at the town’s annual meeting.  Russell stated that Michelle will be getting back to him about how much they are willing to pay for it.

FEMA – received email regarding White Birch project.  It looks like we may be receiving $9,100 reimbursement.

Ken Bodeen reported that he has not received any information back on the 90/10 projects for Kinney Valley bridge and Lakeshore repaving for state assistance.


The transportation aid is up for the year 2020.

2% Dues for the Fire Department – need forms filled out.  Tygar will discuss with Stacy and get the forms to Marge.

Next election is February 18.  Will need to make sure we have polling workers lined up.

Pam and Marge will be out of town at different times early February – it was decided that the next town meeting will be on February 10th at 7pm.  Pam will cover for Marge’s absence.

Gary Williams brought up that Fire Department members cannot get out of their driveways during a heavy snowfall.  Discussed need to communicate between Fire Department and town plows.  They will coordinate radio channels so they can communicate any problems.

Wisconsin Town Association meeting March 27th in Cable.  Ken Bodeen and Pam Holt will attend.

Zoning:   Hutchinson requested Class A Special Use Permit for 12050 ST HWY 13 for short term rentals.  Town approved and signed permit

Bird City Resolution – Motion to apply was make by Gary Williams and second by Ken Bodeen.  Forms were signed to be submitted.


Troy/reported that the grinder pumps went out and hired Birch Creek to pump them out until they were fixed.  Livingstons sewer was backed up.  Unplugged all the Christmas lights.  Hydraulic hose on back hoe was fixed. Pavement rating report was completed in December.  The lock at the dump was repaired.

Next town meeting set for February 10, 2020 at 7pm.

Motion made to adjourn by Ken, second by Gary.

Note – Meeting date changed until February 17, 2020

Respectively submitted by Pam Holt, Assistant to Town Clerk