October 5, 2020                      PORT WING TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Gary Williams, Marge Ogren, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys and workers Troy, DuWayne and Brett were also present.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Gary, second by Ken.   Motion was made by Gary to accept the treasurer’s report with a second by Ken.

Citizen’s Input – Judy Moyer thanked the Board for allowing the Saturday Market to continue this year.  She reported that there were six regular vendors and a total of twelve at times.  They kept with the Social Distancing rules with only one incident.  She reported that the Market was successful.  She hopes the Market will continue but does not want to run it by herself next year.  Russell thanked her for running it this year.


Ken gave us an update about the Kinney Valley Bridge project.  The SMA contract was executed and sent on to Ayers, who is engineering the project.  They will need to get surveyors out to the project site.  The project will be let for bids early next year.  More money has become available for projects, so we may get awarded funds for the Lakeview Road repair.  Troy will be putting a weight limit sign near the culvert on Kinney Valley Road.

            Board reviewed the latest rules (facemasks) and conditions from the State and County concerning the Coronavirus.

Town Attorney – Gary Sherman declined to be the Town Attorney.  It is agreed we will send a letter to Attorney Siegler and Carlson to make sure the land vacate issue can get resolved.    Marge and Pam will compose letter.


ATV/UTV abuse on roads.  Russell will talk to John Moyer to advise him that the road will be closed to ATV/UTV traffic if the abuse continues.  Town Crew is putting in hours and materials to fix the damaged roads and this has to stop.  The town will be putting up signs in local bars and the Store to advise users and abusers of the problem.  Cameras may be used to spot abusers.

Sewer hookups were discussed at length. We have two new hookups that require crossing the road.  Gary made the motion to raise the hook up fee from $1,000 to $1500 and 100% of any blacktop replacement to be at the owner’s expense and any extra cost over and above the normal hook-up expense will be split 50/50 between the town and the owner.

Port Wing Cam/Political Flag has been resolved.  The Town is getting their own website and Mary Childs has agreed to keep it updated.  Ken made a motion for the website and it was seconded by Gary.

Discussed miscellaneous work by subcontractors and need to make sure they have certificates of insurance on file.

Zoning requests:  None

Troy gave a report on recent activities of the Town Crew:  Troy met with Paul Johanic with Bayfield County concerning the culverts on White Birch Road.  They agreed that it is getting late in the season and will put off the project until next year.  Sewer project (clay tiles) on Braff Avenue will also probably be put off until next year.  Troy brought up that there is a boat at the docks that needs to be removed because they want to pull the docks out in the next two weeks.  The board discussed that the owner needs to be billed $150/month for the use of the docks.  Nora will handle. DuWayne and Brett cleaned the laterals and drains at the treatment plant.  Jule will begin sewer work tomorrow for the Olson hookup on School Road.

Tygar reported Stacy was at an ambulance call and could not get the financial information out.  She will be getting it to the town clerk soon.

Motion made by Gary and second by Ken to raise the Orienta dump fee to $3500 for next year.

Motion made by Ken and second by Gary to go into closed session to consider wage increases.

Board reconvened into open session, new wage amounts were set

Next meeting set for November 9th.   Meeting adjourned by Gary with a second by Ken.

Submitted by Pam Holt, Deputy Town Clerk