November 9, 2020                  PORT WING TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Gary Williams, Marge Ogren, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys and Brett Bodeen.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Gary, second by Ken.   Motion was made by Gary to accept the treasurer’s report with a second by Ken.

Citizen’s Input – None


            COVID-19 Update – Port Wing is hot spot.  Be vigilant.  Wear masks.

New Port Wing Website –  Reviewed screenshots sent in by Mary Childs.

Ken gave us an update about the Kinney Valley Bridge project.  Met with Ayers Engineering.  Reviewed multiple culvert options.  Need to meet again early December.   $20k set aside for the project from 2020.

ATV/UTV abuse on roads – ATV use has slowed down due to the time of year.  The signs seemed to have helped.  Will put up signs again next spring and also have information/notices on website.

Population of Port Wing 2020 is 379.  339 are of voting age.  Reviewed Forest Cropland list.

            New Doors for the town hall – Troy Klein will begin work in the next week or two. Front door will have a number pad/combo lock.

Vacate of Wisconsin Avenue – Russell signed document for register of deeds.  Nora to deliver.

Sewer hookup – Motion made by Gary to make it mandatory for sewer hookup when the parcel has indoor plumbing.  Second by Ken.

Revaluation of assessments- We have received 2 warnings from the State of Wisconsin. Motion to approve revaluation for 2021 by Ken.  Second by Gary.  Marge will contact Perri.

Wetland Restoration – received management summary from Stantec.  Will need to cut cattails and other exotic species.  Herbicides have not been used.  DNR wants to commemorate Michelle Wheeler for her work.   They are working with Beth Hoagland at the school for the signs at the site.

Budget 2021 – reviewed draft budget and made adjustments.  Budget meeting set for December 1st at 7:00 pm at the town hall.


Parcel on 5th Street between Christie Gustafson and the Johnson red house with no tax payments.  No owner recorded at county since before 1979.  The board feels we must get to the bottom of the problem, it would be a good building site for someone and if it is possible for the Town to take ownership we could offer it for sale to someone that would build and hook up to sewer and water.  Motion made by Ken to petition the County to take whatever steps necessary to get it resolved and try to get it into Town Ownership.  Second by Gary. All approved.

Motion made by Ken Bodeen with a second by Gary Williams to approve making a new loan at the Security State Bank in Iron River, WI. 54847.  The loan is a continuation of a matured loan for the building of the new Fire Hall in Port Wing.  The loan amount is $249,686.11 for a term of 7 years, the interest amount is 2.73% and there will be semi-annual payments made in the amount of $18,367.08 with the first payment due on April 20, 2021.

Zoning requests:  None

There will be no vet clinic at the town hall in 2021 due to COVID-19.

Troy was not present but turned in a summary report, read by Pam, on recent activities of the Town Crew:  Paserware is not scheduled to be done this year, received letter of interest from a company that wants to do it for us but Troy reported he is able to do it when due.  Rassmussen mapped the sewer by Braff Avenue and will start the work in a couple of weeks.  The docks have been removed at the harbor. Signs at Big Pete and Carpo Road have been put back up.   Troy talked to Jason Bodine of Bayfield County Highway Department and reported that the work on Hjalmer road will be completed next year and there will not be any fine for the delay.   Salt/sand for snow season has been delivered.  Grinder pump is acting up and we will need to replace the spare.   Flagg River Road starting to give away – will work on it in the spring and hopefully the county will help with the repair.  Gary brought up Touve Road and the pot holes near Davy Olson’s driveway that need to be repaired.  Russell will discuss with Troy.

Next meeting set for December 1, 2020 with Budget Meeting at 7pm with the town meeting immediately following.   Meeting adjourned by Ken with a second by Gary.

Submitted by Pam Holt, Deputy Town Clerk