December 1, 2020                    Town of Port Wing                       Budget Meeting

Budget meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Russell Bailey.  Handouts of the proposed budget was distributed to all that were present.   Russell asked if there were any questions about the budget but no-one registered any questions.   After some general discussion a motion was made by Brett Bodeen that we should accept the budget as written.  Ken Bodeen seconded the motion and all were in favor.  Budget meeting was adjourned per motion by Marge Ogren and a second by Russell Bailey.

December 1, 2020                  PORT WING TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES       

Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm, immediately following the budget meeting by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Marge Ogren, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys,  Brett Bodeen and Troy Kavajecz.   Absent was Gary Williams

Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Ken, second by Russell.   Motion was made by Ken to accept the treasurer’s report with a second by Russell.

Citizen’s Input – Ayers & Associates – Dave Pantzlaff, Engineer for the Kinney Valley Bridge Project.  This is a reimbursable project (LRIP)– the expenses will be reimbursed after the project is complete.  Currently set at 70% state/30% Town & County but this can be adjusted to as much as 90/10 if our costs are low enough.  The grant is for $263k – which means we can spend up to $375K.    3 options (crossings) were presented.  All three options can use either a concrete or corrugated steel pipe.  1st option was presented as impractical with a 50-degree skew with a cost of $260k for concrete and 180k metal.  The 2nd option was presented as the minimum amount of work with a cost of $195k concrete and $145k metal.  There could be issues with the DNR with the way the channel would be realigned.  The 3rd (suggested) option has a 30-degree skew with a cost of $210k concrete and $155k metal.  It will be a one month project which will close the road.  This shouldn’t be a problem because there can be a reasonable detour around the site.  The engineer suggested getting soil boring done at a cost of approximately $2k to get an idea of what the soil makeup is where the culvert will be placed.  Will need to get either a permanent or temporary (during construction) easement for the site because the construction is outside of the current right of way.  We will need to get a General Permit in conjunction from the DNR and Corp of Engineers.  We will need to advertise the project for 2 weeks around February 20.  Schedule a bid opening around March 15.  The project can be awarded at that time – or write a contract by April 1st with a notice to proceed for May 1st with a requirement that the project be complete by the Friday before Labor Day.  Ayers will develop the contract and make sure the company we hire to complete the project is qualified.



            Fire Dept Bank Loan renewal – Security Bank is working on it.  The Town of Orienta has shared payment of the Fire Hall loan – can this be renegotiated?  (Orienta did pay the increased dump fee).

            New Doors for the town hall – Troy Klein will begin work in the next week.

Sewer hookup – Motion made to accept the sewer ordinance change by Ken, second by Russell.

Parcel on 5th Street between Christie Gustafson and the Johnson red house with no “Owner”.   Marge is working with Perri to get the parcel back on the tax rolls.  It is believed that Ted Morrison never sold the parcel and it should belong to him.  The parcel that he currently pays taxes on is listed for over 5 acres but it is only 1 acre.

Wetland Restoration – Russell had a phone meeting with Stantec and the DNR to go over points of interest: Signs – scheduled to be completed by April.  There will be one sign at the gate and one sign on the highway.  Will need local volunteers to help with plants.  There is a video made by DNR/Stantec with a drone that can be added to our website.  This project includes student involvement and interviews of the community.  There will need to be future vegetation restoration.  This will be paid for by the DNR (and not the town).  The town will continue to mow the grass in the area.  Stantec will send final bill (for the balance of the contract).  Stantec will give ongoing support.  Troy brought up that there still need to be rocks (or some type of barrier) around the gates – trucks are driving around and damaging the area.

Culvert replacement on White River Road near Christenson’s driveway has been postponed to 2021.

Vacate of Wisconsin Avenue – Nora went to deliver the transfer to be recorded when she noticed that the wording on the document was grossly incorrect.  Nora will write a letter to attorney regarding the errors and request that they do not bill us for the work.  Nora will get the document recorded.


Insurance renewal –  Ken made a motion to accept the quote from Rural Insurance and second by Russell.

Reviewed the list of managed forest land.

Received quote from Perri on the re-val of tax parcels $11k.  This amount is in the budget for 2021.

Motion was made by Ken to sign checks again mid-month because the meeting was held early in December. Second by Russell.

Zoning requests:  None

Troy reported on recent activities of the Town Crew:  Braff Avenue sewer project is complete. Christmas lights are up.   Flagg River Road starting to give away – will try to get the DNR on the project.  Discussed using a rolling on millings when repairing road.  Will contact Highway Commissioner Paul to ask him about it.

Russell was contacted by the Sheriff Dept.  A Port Wing citizen was stopped on Clausen Hill by what appeared to be a squad car (Ford Explorer type vehicle).  The citizen did not think the situation was good and dialed 911.  The person impersonating an officer then left the scene.   The Sheriff’s office is investigating.

Caucus for April Elections will be held at the town hall on January 9th at 10am for the Town of Port Wing offices of Town Chairman, Two Town Supervisors, Town Clerk and Town Treasurer.


Next meeting set for Saturday, January 9, 2021 at 9am.  Meeting adjourned by Ken with a second by Russell.

Submitted by Pam Holt, Deputy Town Clerk