2/8/2021 – February Town Board Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey. Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Gary Williams, Marge Ogren, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys , Brett Bodeen, DuWayne Zupke and Troy Kavajecz.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Gary, second by Ken. Motion was made by Gary to accept the treasurer’s report with a second by Ken.

Citizen’s Input – Bayfield County Judge John Anderson made a presentation to the board regarding his re-election April 6, 2021.


Kinney Valley Road Bridge Update – Ken reported that submittals have been made to the DNR for approval. We need to get financing in place. Ayers will write the ad for Bids. We will open bids at the March 16, 2021 town meeting. The agenda will need to be posted by March 2nd. Marge will get Ken address to where the bids should be sent.

Russell went over the ambulance report. Tygar reported we have two new firefighters. Will begin training and meetings with social distancing. Will be starting inspections early summer. The fire department is losing one inspector. Russell requested an update on the department’s budget sheets. Tygar will get the report from Stacy.

Bird Day Resolutions signed and submitted.

Storage Unit on County Road A has condition approval from the county.

Wheeler Drive – Russell instructed crew to snow plow the road.

Parcel on 5th Street – ongoing research on the parcel.

State of Wisconsin Military Affairs will not require an audit for the FEMA projects

Tax Parcel 04-042-2-50-08-28-3 03-000-02000 will have acreage corrected by Bayfield County

Bayfield County has scholarships available. Guidance counselors at school should already have information.

Announced WITC Board vacancies if anyone is interested.

COVID-19 vaccinations – you can sign up on Bayfield County Website.

Northland Paving gave 2 options for fixing the section between the two bridges on Washington Avenue. 1. Broom and sweep existing with overlay for $34k. Option 2 – pulverize and pave the area for $45k. Area is 880 ft x 22 ft. Russell suggested we use the blacktop reserve in the budget. Gary brought up Seagull Island Road and how to fix. Troy suggested rip rap and gravel.


On-Line Training approved for Pam Holt

Ken requested approval for training on District Meeting. Suggested Tygar get the training as it includes Fire and EMS Services. Gary suggested to take the training also. Approved.

FCL MFL orders are posted on DNR Website.

Zoning requests: None

Troy reported on recent activities of the Town Crew: There are two logging companies on Olmstead Road requesting additional scraping and sanding. There are going to be issues on Flag Road caused by snowmobiles packing the ditches. One pump pulled from the sewer system and will need to be repaired. Troy suggested switching brands of pump to Flight for better function. One snow plow down – pin is broken. Furnaces at town hall needed repair. Russell mentioned that it is okay for the crew to sand the parking lots for the businesses in Port Wing. Brett reported dump was quiet and cold. Dump brought in $1600 in January which Marge reported was a record.

Next meeting set for Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 7pm. Meeting adjourned by Ken with a second by Gary.

Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Deputy Town Clerk