April 21, 2020                PORT WING TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.   This meeting was virtual via Zoom. Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Gary Williams, second by Ken Bodeen.   Motion was made by Ken to accept the Treasurer’s report, second by Gary.

Citizen’s Input – None

Bid Openings – Gravel Bids opened. Two bids from Trusty Trucking and Olson Bros. Cost per cubic yard was

$18.68 by both bidders. Decision was made to split the order and each company will supply half the gravel.


FEMA – working with Cody Kamrowski on the final payout for White Birch Road. $22,359.97 was the project cost.

We should receive 75% from FEMA and 12.5% from the State of Wisconsin.

90/10 projects – Ken Bodeen – Ken talked to the Department of Transportation – they will be awarding us with a

70% grant to replace the Kinney Valley bridge. The remaining 30% may be split with the County. We are waiting

for the SMA (State/Municipal Project Agreement) for the DOT. We cannot start the project until we receive that

agreement. We have heard from multiple engineering firms offering to work with the town on the project.

Scott Jaeger from Eagle Waste wondered how things were going. Russell asked if anyone had any concerns. None reported.

FEMA Risk Maps – Meeting was held on March 19th. Ken went to preliminary meeting. They are working on the

100-year flood maps.  They are planning on having more meetings this winter.

Harbor Assistance request from Wisconsin DOT. Grants are available but they are for transportation in the water

only, therefore nothing for the town to apply for.

The town will be applying for the Health Infrastructure Grant offered by Bayfield County, possible projects would

be re-surfacing for Basketball and Pickle Ball courts

Doors on Town Hall. Pam will scan bids for Leann Hess /Historical Society for their review.

Bibon Lake (Sewer Pond) Project – DNR has asked the town to mow the area two times a year. Beth Hoagland is still working with the kids on the sign. Michelle Wheeler’s husband is making a bench for area.


Mary McCool, Bayfield County- has contacted town about whether or not we are closing the beaches and boat

ramps.  They are not asking us to close our beaches or boat ramps at this point. There is a concern that Port

Wing’s harbor is considered a “safe harbor” and the Corps of Engineer’s does the dredging, etc. so it may be that

we cannot shut down the boat ramp and Town docks without their permission.

Next Election – May 12, 2020. We had 186 voters at last election.

Russell reported we completed the Schedule “C” for the Department of Revenue for 2019.

Marge has sworn Pam Holt in as deputy clerk.

Russell met with an engineer from Bayfield County Highway Department to get some advice about the project on

Olmstead’s hill. Bill Gustafson and Derek Jardine will remove debris to see if the culverts need replacement.

Ken took Board of Review training

Russell has talked to Ab Ray about replacing the sidewalk at the Old School Park.

Gayle Gonsior is concerned that the recycling isn’t getting recycled. Russell stated there is no way to really know.

The Zoom meeting ended abruptly after 40 minutes. Judy Moyer called Marge after because she wanted to

discuss the Saturday Market. They are making plans to continue the market this summer once the stay at home

order is lifted.

Zoning:   Building permit has been approved for the Bergman’s on School Road.


Troy reported that the crew is switching the equipment over to summer gear – stinger blades on grader and they

have flushed the reverse syphon on School Road for the sewer lines. Sign for Town of Port Wing on County A has

fallen down and is rotted – needs to be replaced. Hydrants are being flushed today thru Thursday this week.

Mary Childs will put information about flushing on Port Wing Website, portwingwi.com

Town has signed the agreements (State Maintenance Agreement) for the planned resurfacing of Highway 13.

Next town meeting set for May 18,2020 at 7pm. Decision still needs to be made as to virtual or not.
Motion made to adjourn by Ken, second by Russell.

Respectively submitted by Pam Holt, Deputy Town Clerk

Minutes – PWTownBoard – 04/21/2020