5/10/2021 – May Town Board Minutes

May 10, 2021

PW Town Meeting Minutes 05-10-2021

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey. Present were Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Scott Jardine, Marge Ogren, Pam Holt, Nora Tribys, Brett Bodeen, and DuWayne Zupke.

Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Ken, second by Scott. Motion was made by Ken to accept the treasurer’s report with a second by Scott.

Citizen’s Input – Sharon Graham – Update on the Comprehensive Plan survey. The group met last Monday and finished the survey. She handed a copy of the survey out to the town board. She asked the board to review and approve it at the next town meeting. The group would like to put the survey out on the town website once approved. They can get mailing labels from the county for $30. They would like to include the survey in the next sewer or water bill. Sharon will check on postage rates. Nora suggested using the county’s bulk rate. Town clerk will assist in printing out the survey. There was a discussion concerning the difference between the town and township. The town proper is within the water/sewer district.


Kinney Valley Road Bridge Update – no new updates. We need to hire an attorney to write up the easements that will be necessary for the project.

Road repair between bridges on Washington Ave is on hold.

Flagg River Road repair – we can use the old permit to complete the repairs. There are no funds available from the county to assist in the repairs.

Lakeview Road and Touve Road – Town will contact South Shore Sand & Gravel to help with the repairs and we will use millings to finish.

New beach access from Town property – on hold. Russell checked it out and found a sink hole and decided it could be unsafe.

Clean up Day set for May 22 starting at 9AM. Painting the town hall is on hold – not enough time to organize. Will still have projects for the community to work on – Twin Falls, Park, sidewalks, roof repair, etc. Will have lunch available for all the workers.

Sewer Pond Project – Signed off on project as complete. The excess funds (70k+) will be available to the DNR to maintain the area. The date for the Grand Opening is still unknown.

Fire Department report from Dustin Danula – the new trucks are being worked on to get into service soon. Nothing has been done about selling the old trucks yet. Chris Johnson and Dustin Danula were sworn in.

Russell read off the ambulance report. Scott will attend the meetings in Herbster going forward. Pam will get Scott the contact information.

Assessor will be providing the contract for the revaluation. We will have to postpone the Open Book and the Board of Review.

5th Wheel at 9020 School Road – Russell researched with the county. There are no restrictions because there is currently a structure at that address. (DMV allowed – UVC not allowed). Sharon Graham voiced concern regarding the influx of RVs parked in town.

Health & Recreation Grant – Pam and Russell will be working on submitting an updated application for the area outside the town hall for resurfacing, fence, basketball hoops and pickleball lines.


Motion to accept the liquor license applications from the Port Bar made by Scott. Second by Ken.

Motion to accept the liquor license applications from the South Shore Bar made by Scott. Second by Ken.

Motion to accept the liquor license applications from Johnson’s Store made by Ken. Second by Scott.

The license fee reverted back to $300 (lowered last year because of the COVID pandemic).

Marge Ogren has been appointed as Deputy Clerk.

Senior Meals will be handed out at the Town Hall. There is a June 7th 1PM meeting at the Town Hall Pavilion to discuss how the program will continue.

DOT funding symposium announced and Ken will attend on line.

Zoning requests: Travis Vogland 7200 Quarry Shores Road – Board approved driveway improvements.

Renner on Touve Road– There is no driveway permit necessary. DuWayne Will find out what size culvert is necessary.

Heather Hipsher. 8695 Hwy 13 – Garage with business approved.

DuWayne reported on recent activities of the Town Crew: Continuing to research out to repair Seagull Island Road. Troy has been out grading roads. One of the grinder pumps on Gust Road is failing and may need to be replaced. Part of the tank is also rotting out. Crew will find out if it can be repaired. They will also get quotes on replacement of pump and tank. They need to get two quotes. Board will allow them to move forward on the repair/replacement as needed. There are a total of 8 residential grinder pumps in the town. A dehumidifier has been purchased for the sewer plant but has not yet been received. There has been an alarm going off on another pump. Will be finding out why and may need repairs. Park bathrooms are open. Grass mowing has started for the season. They will be hauling scrap metal next week. The Braff sewer pipe will need repairs – will need to hire Rassmussen to repair. We may be able to use the infrastructure grants that are coming available to help offset the costs. Brett had no updates for the dump.

Next meeting set for Monday, June 7, 2021 at 7pm. Meeting adjourned by Ken with a second by Scott.

Respectively Submitted by Pam Lawrenz Holt, Town Clerk