August 10, 2020                      PORT WING TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.    This meeting was virtual via Zoom in the Town Office, Russell Bailey, Ken Bodeen, Gary Williams and Marge Ogren at the table in the office, workers Troy, DuWayne and Brett were also present.  Pam was in the Town Hall running the Zoom process and Nora was not present but had left the checks to be signed.

Dean Findley was present with a request, he had talked to zoning about getting his piece of land, located on Touve Road, rezoned from Ag to Forestry 1 to accommodate more (mostly family) campers, Board wondered why Forestry and not Residential?  Findley said he would ask zoning about that possibility.  Motion made by Gary with a second by Ken to approve a re-zone to either Forestry 1 or Residential.  Motion carried

Motion was made to accept the minutes as presented by Ken, second by Gary.   Motion was made by Gary to accept the treasurer’s report with a second by Ken.

Russell started out the meeting with a big “THANK YOU” to all the folks that volunteer to do things for the benefit of the Town, stating that Towns can just dry up without the help and caring of all the folks and groups that do things to keep the Town going – his thanks to: Fire Department, Ambulance, Garden Club, Historical Society, Legion, Lion’s Club, Fishboil, Saturday Market, the Port Wing Citizen that cleans the bathrooms at the harbor, Port Wing Business Association, Volunteers that keep up the website, Clean-up day volunteers, First Lutheran Church, Flea Market, Harvest Dinner, Monday Evening Club, Local establishments that support kids and important causes, anyone I might have missed, we are grateful to you all.

Citizen’s Input – Ceil Held from the Lion’s Club was present with a request to use the Town Hall Kitchen to have a Chicken Dinner to go for a money raiser, she stated they will sanitize and do all the things needed to do because of the virus.  Board approved, the dinner will be held on September 6th.  400 meals will be served starting at 11 am.    Nora Tribys was on the agenda as she wanted to suggest to the Town that it might be a good idea to review the ordinances concerning sewer hook-up to pieces of land in the Town that do not have access to the sewer.  She felt that would promote the Town by making it easier for folks to build and hook-up.


            Board reviewed the latest rules (facemasks) and conditions from the State and County concerning the Coronavirus.

Wastewater (WPDES) permit needs to be renewed and Troy said they are working on it.

            Ken gave us an explanation about the Kinney Valley Bridge project, the funding has been changed due to some governmental changes but according to the information he has been able to get the project should still go on but the funding will come from a different source so we will have more paper work to do.

We received the signed “Cooperative Forest Road Agreement” between the Town and the USDA for the Battle Axe Road.

Russell asked the road crew about the repairs to Lakeview Road and they said the Millings they used on the road seem to be working good.

Russell checked with Troy Klein on the Town Hall doors and he thought maybe in a month or so he would be able to get them in.


U.S. Army Corp sent us a note asking if we have any projects planned for this year but we do not have any plans for 2021 at this time.

Ambulance report for July had 2 calls for Port Wing and 2 fire scene standbys.

Zoning requests:  Matt Pamer – build a house on his property on Jardine Road.  Motion made by Ken with a second by Gary to approve.  Motion carried.   Mike Swant – move his driveway on Quarry Shores Road over 20 feet.  Motion made by Ken with a second by Gary to approve.  Motion carried.  Sharon Johnson – request a special use permit for RV placement – Board did not make any decision on this request as Russell wanted to check with Bayfield County Zoning to be sure we understand just what is needed. We might have to hold a special meeting to make a decision due to time deadlines.

Troy gave a report on recent activities of the Town Crew, the sidewalks at Memorial Park have the frames up and concrete should be poured soon, the back fence is in next to the Town Office and the light fixture will be replaced soon,  DuWayne has been moving rocks and trying to get the gravel back on Old 13 Road, About 40 feet of the sewer clay tile behind Nick Thill’s place is broken and needs to be replaced – they are planning to use 8” Schedule 40 pipe with a clean-out half way.  They need more help to get the empty lots in town mowed so the decision was made to hire Carl Christenson to do that and Brett will soon be done with the haying so he will be able to put in some more time.

We had one complaint about dust on Quarry Road but that is probably due to all the traffic going to the Quarry Beach and that should slow down soon now.

Russell then brought up the subject of all the people using the Quarry Beach area and the fact the Town owns the 40 acres right next door, he felt we should look more at making a parking lot in that area with a board walk or pathway to the lake to expand the beach area for folks that like to go there.  He will check with the DNR on that.

Gary brought up the problem on the lake road between the two bridges, he says the side of the road is failing and we need to do something about it.  Troy said they know about that and they have been putting rocks, etc. in that area but the muskrats keep making holes in that area.  Russell said we will have to see what can be done to get the muskrats out of that area, maybe they can be trapped.

Brett report the dump/recycling area is full and has been very busy this summer.

People have been seen putting their household garbage in the containers in the picnic areas.

A couple complaints about “dump” items seen in the field just off County A when leaving town, Gary will talk to owner about that.

Next meeting set for September 14th   Meeting adjourned by Gary with a second by Ken.

Submitted by Marge Ogren, Town Clerk

Minutes – PWTownBoard – 08/10/2020