August 18, 2020                                  PORT WING TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm, by Chairman, Russell Bailey.   Gary Williams and Ken Bodeen were present.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Town Board Recommendation request – Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Department has requested a class “A” special use permit for RV placement.   Russell read an email from a concerned citizen that thinks the RV needs to be removed after the four months normally allowed and does not want the time allowed extended.  Sharon Johnson informed the board that the trailer in question belonged to her son and has been sold and is going to be moved by the end of the month.  Sharon also brought up her concern over the WebCam controlled by Janet Johnson/Port Wing Business Association.  Sharon stated that the camera is live on the Port Wing website and it is pointed on her property which invades her and her family’s privacy.  Russell stated that he contacted Janet Johnson and she redirected the camera immediately.  Sharon said that the camera is moving “down” again so it is still showing her property and wants the camera removed.  Sharon was concerned about the fines stated on a letter that she received from Bayfield County and Russell stated that he thinks they may be reversed but she needed to speak with Rob Schierman from Bayfield County Planning and Zoning.  Sharon asked if she could get her own RV on the property for four months next year and Russell said she would just have to get a permit at that time.  Russell also said that he would talk to Janet Johnson about making sure the camera is properly placed.

Kenneth Jardine arrived at the meeting later and wanted to state his opinion about how the camera provides a good service to the community.  He also wanted to point out emails complaining about the placement of the WebCam should not contain abusive language.

NEW BUSINESS:  Plans to put an insert in a culvert on White Birch Road was discussed.  Paul Johanek said there is no money available for aid this year.  He suggested fixing it and get reimbursed next year.  Russell pointed out we have funds available from FEMA reimbursement we recently received.  Motion made by Gary Williams to approve the culvert work this year, second by Ken Bodeen.

Russell addressed an email sent in by a citizen with questions regarding the Army Corp request for any Harbor work and the sidewalks replaced on Grand Avenue adjacent to the park.

The projects funded by the Army Corp of Engineers can only be used for the harbor and not “land” projects.  Although they are great points, the repainting of the lighthouse or a boat cleaning station will not be funded by the Army Corp.

The sidewalk replacement was funded by a donation from the Labor Day Arts and Craft Show.  This sidewalk is on town owned property.  There was not a grant.

Zoning:   none


Motion made to adjourn by Ken Bodeen, second by Gary Williams.

Respectively submitted by Pam Holt, Deputy Town Clerk

Minutes – PWTownBoard – 08/18/2020